Thursday, August 19, 2010

Italy Preview - Day 11



We start our tour at 8am. Had a great night and tight sleep. Did I told u..the room is superb?? hehe.. bilik air pon sayang, x tangkap gambar pulak. Nnt i try google Villa Dori room picture from internet and show u all. ;P I think my BIL did take the picture of their room. They get a bigger room and wallaaaaauuweh. Teruja!!

Mention of Venice, the image that will come to my mind is the beautifully lit canals and graceful gondoliers with the Italiano song..lalala.. This romantic city does however have many more attractions..from the architecture of the buildings, the clean and calm environment,the people,and many more. I personally love Venice and plan to come back again one day. Hehe.. I can say Venice is soooo waterly beauty or "city of water" and not forgotten the yummilicious kebab that we ate here..Wow!! Nyum2

We have a memorable experience in this most romantic city sightseeing, its famous palaces and churches, cruising along Canal Grande or just enjoying the spectacular views from different parts of the city. I likeee...!

Firstly, we direct our steps towards Piazza San Marco. Here, we can see its highlights - Basilica di San Marco and Doge’s Palace as well as several other important buildings that line the square’s side streets. The Piazza S. Marco is the showcase of the republic. The basilica of St. Mark's, the Doge's Palace, and the public space itself are their lavish attention. We did enjoy ourself here soo damn much. Tp I x naik gondola pon..cuaca panas that, mcm x sesuai nk naik gondola tgh2 hari buta tu kan.. We spend much of our time in San Marco Island. Explore all the squares side street and play with the friendly pegions. We also had the opportunity to listen to the live performance of classic Italian song. Then we melawat kilang membuat kaca kristal and also have a quick visit to Hard Rock Cafe of Venice. Hehe..

After that we proceed to Burano and Murano Island..We enjoy the scenary there and had a visit to the glass shops and also to the white lace cotton shops. I x beli ape2pon kat sini.. The price is quit expensive too.. air mineral 1.5 liter pon euro$2 per bottle. Imagine that.. Remember that this is the Metropilitan City. So, harga pon Metropilitan jugak. But i did buy some suvernirs, replica of gondola and shawls.

We balik hotel petang night we oder vegitarian pizza dellivery. Ohh..the taste is not as good as domino's pizza in Malaysia. Ahaks! Or maybe, it really does not suit me. Sbb I tgk org lain ok j makan..hehe.. ( time kalau dtg lagi kena spare sos sendiri dr Malaysia. Hehe.. )

Malam tu sambil makan pizza, we play cards together. We kumpul ramai2 at my BIL's room. Spend the quality times.. 1st time I blaja main Pocker card and won the game. Haha.. Enjoy!!

Moral of the story : Walaupon Pizza itu berasal dari Italy, pizza yg dijual kat Malaysia ni jauh lebih sedap dr kat italy nun.. haha.. 1st..maybe because its vegetarian pizza, so kalau rasa beef or chicken sedap la kot. Tp nk carik kedai yg sembelih tu payah la kan. 2nd, sbb dia tomato sos. End..

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