Friday, August 13, 2010

London Preview - Day 2



We wake up early here at London, 5am is already terang benderang. Subuh pon around 3-4am..

So, on the 2nd day, we plan to tour London Central by public transport pulak. We took daily pass GBP7.5/person and this applied for all public transport like trem, train and bus.

So, from East Craydon station, we heading to Victoria Station and then to Trafagal Square, Parliment, London Eye, National Galerry, Birmingham Palace etc..

We had our lunch at Taza Kebab around GBP3.5 for lamb kebab at Bayswater and then straight away heading to Arsenal stadium ( Hybrid and Emirates) Wehooo.. after that, we go back to Craydon at 8pm..

* sempat pegi Subsburry to buy some grocerries.. Yippies..

Enjoy the photos..

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