Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Bad News..


1. I have 3 speeding summons and 1 traffic obstruction summon as at now. All together will cost me RM930.00. ;,( Demmm!!

2. As at now... 2 of my name list planning for our child da kena ambil from my sister and soon taken from my BIL. Haha...pregnant pon belom..da plan nama anak. One is "Qistina" but i like to spell it by Qystina.. taken by my sista. And soon, "Rayyan" by my BIL since his wife is expecting now and he keep telling us he want to give his baby named "Rayyan". Hmm.. when I said to my hubby, he make me okey by saying.." tak nak la nama Rayyan..nnt it will sound like Ryan Air.." Ha?? Actually it is the flight that we took during our trip to Dublin. haha.. my hubby is cute..!

3. I still havent renew my driving license as at today and it was due on early June if I'm not mistaken. Hmm.. ;P

4. For Raya this year...we only will took 2 days leaves before raya and will start working on the next Monday.. Haiyakkk!!

5. I have a mood swing a few days nih.. Alahai..x suke betul! Kadang2 dengar DJ mengarut kat radio pon will distract me. Haha..melampau kan? But still can control lg la..Cuma, i am not like this before..i am a cool person. Tiba2 mood hubby pon pelik. Hehe..

6. I feel like I've no friends for jimba jimba anymore.. Missed all of them damn much.

7. My boyfriend a.k.a Suria Baja hitam..sangat belacan. Soooo sad.. ;'( Dia sangat comot n kotor..Kusyen pon bacin n got many water mark.. Dalam air cond tu ada sweet plastic..adeh, sape la buang sampah dlm tu.. dan juge bnyk habuks serta sampah sarap.. and x ketinggalan juge 1 scratch yg tidak di sengajakan oleh my SIL. I want more $$$$ to help my boyfriend.. Huhu.. Nak basuh kusyen n paint the scratch.

8. I feel very hard to do saving now since every month I have to spend extra for bayar hutang, next month for my car make over especially the kusyen, and then..for the summons and then raya..and then, many more list.. erk!

9. I am not happy in my working life anymore.. ;(


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