Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Italy Preview - Day 10



The next day after come back from Dublin..we flew to Italy. This time we wake early to prepare breakfast and to bring some food to Italy. Mak masak nasi lemak, then tapau bihun n sandwich. This time..I bangun lambat. Bangun2 j almost everything was done. Haha..memang x senonoh. So, i prepare air j la untuk sesiapa yg nak. Sorry all. Hari2 tido kat karpet..tetibe aritu lepas subuh naik atas katil, terus x sedarkan diri. Best rupenye tido atas katil tu. Huhu..

Our flight to Italy at 9am. So, after packing our things and get ready ape yg patut..we go to airport by taxi. We will stay at Italy for 3days and 2 nights. So, x leh parking kereta kat airport ye. Mahal. Taxi pon around 20pound per taxi. Tp boleh masuk ramai2 5-6 org pon muat.

Sampai Venice Marco Polo Airport, we take bus to the Venice City . From there, we took bus to our hotel, Villa Dori. I can say..Venice Hotel is the best hotel for this trip. Hoaaaaaaahhh.. Ye la, for this vacation, we only took budget hotel. Tp, in Venice, even this is budgeted sangat cantik dan memuaskan. Yippies...
Sesiapa yg nk travel pegi Venice lepas ni...singgah la di Hotell Villa Dori. Cheap price, comfy and awesome. Eventhough hotel tu is a bit far from the city, they have a shutter van to bring all their guest to the city. And we just need to tell at what time we want to left and when we want they to pick us up. Know what, they are very punctual with time..Believe me.

1st day sampai Italy, En.suami x berapa sihat. So, sampai j hotel, we just spend our time in the hotel room, watch tv, eat bihun and sleep. While the rests..they have their side walking nearby the hotel and also find the shop to buy groceries.

Notes : We did ask the staff at our hotel for the nearest mosque in Italy..guess what he said? " NO such thing".. Hmm.. ;( ( At least at Paris pon ada mosque.. By that, we know that Islam x boleh menapak disini..& it will be very difficult for us to get halal food here. So, just ate tuna sandwich, sardine sanwich, prawn or other seafood sandwich, fruits ( buah2 kat sini sangat lazat okey ) and maggie mee. Hehe..

Sambung esok pulak.. hehe..


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