Friday, August 13, 2010

London Preview - Day 3



We start our tour at 6am.. Continue our London Tour but this time we are going to Madame Tussoude to visit and meet most of the star there.Mingle with our favourite celebrity wax figures..Wee.. ;D

After that...spend a lot of time there..then is shopping time at Oxford St. X shopping bnyk pon.. From the underground train we walk ahead to Primark..hoaaa, rasa macam berjalan 1km. Tp best jugak..cuaca sejuk, so, x berpeluh la. And the most important thing is theres a lots of butiques and shopping center along the road. Haha.. Suka!! :P

Lepas penat habis kan duit..we come back to Victoria Station, and pack some things to bring to Paris and the rest of its, we left at Craydon. Its because we only in Paris for 3 need to bring lotsa things otherwise it become a burden to u right..hehe..( membebel pulak )

10.30pm we a boarding to Paris bu Euroline bus. The bus only ride half way to border of Paris..and the other half, it get into Ferry. Yay.. Naik kapal g paris..hehe

Okey..enjoy da pitchaaa!!

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