Friday, August 13, 2010

Leeds Preview - Day 7



All of us wake up late..haha..

After took breakfast, we siap sedia to Leeds town. Shopping time.. Suka sangt kat Leeds ni..

City dia calm..x berapa ramai orang..tmpt bersih, cantik dgn bunga2, barang2 lah..!!

After Shopping time..we go back.. eat nasi for lunch. banget. mcm da lama sangat x dapat makan nasi. Our dishes for that day is chicken curry, serunding, and timun. Nyum2..

By this time only we realised that my MIL's passport was missing. ;'( everybody's is so worry. After call back the Euroline bus office and call the embasy, they decide to flew back to London to settle off the passport thing. So, at 4am in the morning, Mak and Yeop Kay go to London by bus.

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