Monday, August 9, 2010

Water for Beauty and Weight Loss???

It should take us a short while before realizing how important water is in our life.

How many glasses of water a person should drink a day? How many glasses have you drink water today? Maybe, In spite of drinking it out of thirst maybe we should start drinking it for better health and body function. Drinking one to two liters of water a day would definitely enhance your energy level and guarantee better health and what’s more, you could probably see the result within a month.

Did you know that by drinking more water too, it can help you reduce weight? Well ladies, it may sounds too good to be true but science has its facts. Sometimes, we feel the urge of eating or munching sometimes when in fact, we are actually dehydrated and need to drink more. If your morning is filled with protein filled breakfast you should snack more on fruits and water (be it plain or anything with less calorie like green tea, which is good to rev up metabolism and pure fresh fruit juices) whenever you feel like munching. It is best to avoid caffeine loaded drinks though like coffee and black tea because the caffeine act as a mild diuretic, preventing water from traveling to necessary locations in the body. As a matter of fact no other drinks can offer the advantages that plain drinking water could, even fruit juices. However, to avoid you from getting bored from plain water everyday, once in a while you should drink green tea, coffee or fruit juice but try to avoid soda drinks as best as you can.

Benefits of Drinking Enough Water Everyday

Nope, there’s no harm in drinking a lot of water daily. It provides a whole lot of benefits for your body besides weight loss.

* Enough water intake help to maintain body weight by increasing metabolism and regulating -appetite. If you notice, by drinking a glass of water or taking in soup-base appetizer assist you in consuming less of the main meal.

* Sufficient water intake will help you avoid fatique and decreasing cancer namely colo cancer, bladder and breast cancer.

* Why does it always water filled into our veins when being admitted in the hospital? This is because water cleanse your body from toxin.

* Water also helps in curing any disease related to the kidney.

* Surprisingly, drinking enough water can considerably reduce joint and back pains too.

* Drinking water can preserve and maintain good level of blood pressure and ensure that the heart functions more effectively

* Been having regular headaches? That’s one indicator that your body is dehydrated and need more water intake. So drink plain water regularly to promote better blood circulation and prevent as well as alleviates headaches.

* Drinking sufficient water daily will help your skin hydrated always and improve your skin condition, especially for those suffering from dry skin problem.

Sounds great isn't it?? As we are near the fasting month..please make sure you guys drink enuff of water daily..since water is our life source.

Hope this article helpful.. Salam Ramadhan.. ;)

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