Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Korean Movie


Know what??...your truely telah berjaya mempengaruhi En.Suami untuk layan Ceria Korea yg bnyk series tu..Huhu.. Best Banget!!

Cerita Korea pertama yg kami tgk is Wonderfull Life. Suke tgk baby derang Shin Bi yg sangat comel dan bijak. Tp kesian n sedih sbb dia terlalu comel untuk sakit. Haha..boleh gitu?

This story is about two young college students (Seung-won and Se-Jin) who meet by coincidence in Singapore. Se Jin baru lepas putus cinta dgn bf dia..sumthing like that la..or bf dia da mati mcm tu la..x ingat pulak. so, untuk tenangkan hati, dia pegi bercuti kat singapore. Beside that, Seung Won, lelaki lurus tp ego pulak, go to Singapore to proposed his gf Chae-young where he did not know that his so called gf tu x minat kat dia pon. She's sooo into their senior tp she still want to get long dgn Seung Won sbb Seung Won nak jadi pilot.. & Seung Won juga sanggup tunggu dia even dia main kayu tiga. haha.. Lebih kurang mcm tu la cerita dia.It's not an ideal encounter, but fate determines their destiny does not end in Singapore when they accidently did the sexual intercourse after both get drunk.

A drunken encounter makes way for some interests life changes since they need to get married as a result of Se Jin get pregnant- ones that Seung-won is unhappy to make because of his love for Chae-young. Sacrifices are made to keep family peace, but unbeknownst to his family, a deal has been made that will bring complications and add even more pain to an extremely painful situation.

It's the story of dealing with the consequences of reckless behavior and owning up to it. Making the best of what life brings. Very good story to watch.

We enjoyed this drama, but was drawn in by the child actor. She did a great job acting - very expressive. It's a funny drama, but also one (towards the end) of immense pain and family trauma....

After Wonderfull Life, my husband ask me to give him the name of other Korean movie for him to download.. haha..mesti dia suka tgk K-movie kan kan?? hehe.. So, i suggest him to download Full House.

This is story about love and heartbreak, sadness and self-preservation. In spite of it all, Ji Eun manages to be humorous and endearing - even when her heart is breaking. Dlm cerita ni Ji Eun sangat comel dan juga Rain yg mempunyai body yg smart. Haha..apekah riview movie mcm ni.

This is how Ji Eun, an orphan survive her life and how she fight her right towards her parent's house which has been sold to Rain ( an actor ) by her best friend. Geram tgk best friend dia yg jahat n stupps tu..Sanggup jual semua harta kawan baik sendiri untuk kepentingan derang. Haiyakk..

By that, in an attempt to get her possessions back, she has "sell her soul." by agreement to married by contract. There is where the story began when suddenly they really fall in love to each other. Sweet..

Both are worth watching movie.. ;)


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