Friday, August 13, 2010

Paris Preview - Day 5



After breakfast...we go to the Paris city center to have a tour at Paris.

Firstly, we visit Musee De Lurve a place where the potrait of Monalisa was kept.It is one of the world's largest museums, the most visited museum in the world and a historic monument.

It is a central landmark of Paris also one of the most attractive place to visit in Paris beside the Disneyland. haha..We not going to Disneyland since our time is limit.So, we plan to spend the limited time to go seight seeing and had a tour to Whole Paris.

We took a seight Seeing Bus ( Hip On Hip Off bus ) Euro$ 24/person for 2 days. The bus will bring us to most of the place at Paris, and we can easily hip on and hip off at anywhere that we like. Cool huh??

In the bus also provide the audio tour guide and we also can choose which language that we prefer to listen.

So, bassicaly the bus will round and tour all over Paris. We did stop at several place like Arc de triomphe, Effiel Tower, the other square ape ntah nama from there boleh tangkap gambar Effiel Tower la..just nice. and we did lepak at the park..before going off to Hotel. Oh ya..tmn2 kat sana sangat cantik. Rumput2 karpet kat situ mcm rasa nk baring guling2 j..nasib baik ada nmpk anjing 2-3 ekor berkeliaran teman tuan dia jln2..hihi..for sure it will poo poo merata la kan. My BIL n his wife ada la tangkap gambar guling2 kat situ. Jeles En.Suami awal2 give me the "sign"..NO. ;P

From my personal opinion, Paris city is amaizing and beautiful..most of the builing and the parks is beautiful..Ada banyak butiques for branded, here is shoppingly heaven. Tp side city or their side urbun area are bad..Lebih kurang Malaysia. Kalau jalan dekat underground train station tu..its quit smelly..hoaaa, x boleh tahan.

And I can say, their local ppl there are not friendly. And the worst thing is most of them not speak English.Barang2 and food is quit expensive too. Think that will be the last time i will be in Paris. Will not come again..haha..

Enjoy the pitcha geng..

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